Electronic Musicological Review

Volume VIII - December 2004

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The Electronic Musicological Review brings in this issue a selection of papers presented at the first symposium on research in music promoted by the Federal University of Paraná / Arts Department, SIMPEMUS2004. Researchers and graduate students from several Brazilian universities (UFPR, UDESC, UNESP, UFES, UFPel, UNICAMP, UFBA) presented innovative works on historical musicology, musical technology, aesthetics, analysis, and composition. This selection privileges new approaches to the study of Brazilian twentieth-century 'art' and popular musics and reflections upon the ideologies behind the organization of Brazilian conservatories of music in the last decade of the nineteenth century.

Although this is an all-Portuguese issue, we urge our international readers to look forward to our next issue, which will be bilingual English-Portuguese. It will bring a selection of papers presented at the first International Symposium on Cognition and Musical Arts--SINCAM, in April 2005, by authors such as David Hargreaves, Lúcia Santaella, José Borges Neto, and João Pedro de Oliveira.

Norton Dudeque, Rogério Budasz, Álvaro Carlini
SIMPEMUS2004 Organizing committee